Thursday, November 15, 2007

Smack your Leopard Spaces

Updated 14/03/08:
The file link is updated. Previous link has the file extension of .pl which caused problem for many people. I am sorry.

I came across Brian Jepson's blog today and made some changes to make it work for Leopard Spaces.

All you need:

1. smackleopard.command

Download here(14/03/2008 Updated Link)

2. AMSTracker
Amit Singh's site:

Put AMSTracker in same directory as smackleopard.command.

Open Terminal

Change permisson on smackleopard.command:

To change the script's permission so that it becomes excutable, you'll need to type the following under Terminal:

chmod +x smackleopard.command

You can find Terminal under Applications->Utilities

If you could not successfully run this:
chmod +x smackleopard.command

please make sure you have the privilege to chmod. Try 'su' first to become a superuser (your password will be asked) or use sudo chomod instead.

(Updated on 4th Dec)

Run it. (./smackleopard.command)


I'll put up a clip on YouTube soon.